Question: Who Owns Bonnie B’s Smokin?

Answer:    Bonnie B’s Smoking is owned by Zenobia Ivory & Michael Henderson Jr.

Question: Do you Franchise?

Answer:    While we are open to franchising at this time we do not franchise.

Question: Why do your meats have a pink or red color?

Answer:    Most white meats, such as pork, chicken and turkey, that is Authentically smoked with wood, we use Oak,

                  Mesquite and Hickory woods, will be slightly pink or red in color; but rest assured all of our meats are fully

                  cooked.  This is the BBQ Connoisseurs way of knowing the meat is authentically wood smoked and not just

                  cooked in a regular oven with liquid smoke which leaves the meat more brown in color.

Question: How can I get recipes of your menu items?

Answer:    Currently, Bonnie B’s Smokin do not share their recipes outside the company. In the future we will be sharing

                  home kitchen recipes for use with our sauces.

Question: Do you take restaurant reservations?

Answer:    We accept reservations for groups of six and up.

Question: Do you have a sit-down restaurant where we can come and dine in?

Answer:    Yes, our restaurant seats from 1 to 40 people and can also be reserved for private parties during our open or

                  closed hours.

Question: What do you do for Birthday or Anniversary Celebrations?

Answer:    If you notify our staff of your celebration you will receive a complimentary slice of our Award Winning, customer

                  favorites Strawberry Banana or Glaze-It-2-Me Cake.  Additionally, our restaurant seats up to 40 people and can

                  be reserved for private functions.

Question: Do you offer Take Out?

Answer:    Yes feel free to call your order in for faster pick up service 626-794-0132.

Question: Do you Deliver?

Answer:    No, at this time we do not deliver, we plan on delivery service within the next six months.

Question: Do you Cater Special Events?

Answer:    We have a catering program in place to help you plan any kind of event. From office parties, family BBQ’s,

                  weddings, showers, you name it.  Contact our catering department at 626-794-0132

Question: What are your plans for expansion?

Answer:    We have active plans for future expansion.




Bonnie B”s Smokin gets many questions from our valued customers.

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